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Ready to start your own business? Consider starting it with BumbleJunk. Owning a BumbleJunk franchise gives you the freedom and flexibilitvy of working for yourself without many of the risks of starting a new enterprise.

BumbleJunk is an eco-friendly, full service junk removal and hauling business for both residential and commercial clients. We are an established brand with a memorable name, solid reputation and award-winning service practices, and we are tapped into one of the fastest growing industries around.

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Now Is The Time to Join The Junk Hauling Industry

Becoming a junk hauler might not be the dream of every little kid, but the grown-up fact is owning an on-demand junk hauling service is a low risk, high opportunity venture . Everyone has junk. And at certain points, whether it’s due to divorce, moving, downsizing, home improvements or a million other reasons, they need to get rid of it quickly and easily, which means junk hauling is largely a recession-proof business.

But on-demand junk hauling offers more than steady work…it is a steadily growing industry. The market has expanded rapidly over the past five years, and has a projected 5% annual growth expected through 2020. That means BumbleJunk franchises are part of an estimated $1.4 billion service sector. This growth will continue as on-demand junk hauling becomes more recognized as an essential service concept.

The BumbleJunk Way:

Taking The Sting Out ofRunning Your Own Business

Besides being busy as a bee as part of a growing industry, owning a BumbleJunk franchise sets you apart from other entrepreneurs because of our mission to make a difference.

As an eco-friendly operation, we are committed to making a positive impact on the environment. So as a franchise owner, you will have a hands-on role in bettering the planet, too. The BumbleJunk difference means recycling whatever is possible from every junk removal, including metal, paper, plastic, electronic waste and appliances. This not only cuts down on waste sent to landfills, it also conserves the energy required to manufacture new materials, and reduces greenhouse gases and emissions from incinerators.

In addition, our junk removal franchises give back to the community by donating reusable items to local charities. As a BumbleJunk franchise partner, you help others as you help yourself.

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Benefits of Being in The BumbleJunk Colony

BumbleJunk franchisees are in business for themselves, but not by themselves. We will share our knowledge so you can benefit from our years of experience in the junk removal industry, plus give you ongoing operational support in all areas of running your company. Our franchisees will be provided with the training they need to feel  they can professionally run and cultivate their business, including:


  • You will be invited to attend a five day training session at our Baltimore headquarters where you will receive classroom and in the field training.
  • You will receive manuals covering an array of topics from operational procedures to employee development, policies, procedures, customer service techniques and much more.
  • You will gain access to our online knowledge base, receive a pre-opening timeline and check list.
  • We will be available to you by phone or email to answer any questions and provide expert guidance. As your business grows, you will continue to receive coaching calls from the home office, plus field visits in your local territory.

Marketing Assistance

  • We have an established website and social media outlets, which together with our powerful brand image and national phone number, will help search engines (and potential clients) find your local franchise easily.
  • Using a mixture of direct mail, online marketing, radio ads, guerrilla marketing and networking, you can attract and retain customers.
  • BumbleJunk franchisees will be guided on the most effective ways to reach potential clients in your market.

Award-Winning Service Model

  • BumbleJunk’s successful business model is grounded on a few key principles starting with an enjoyable, passionate team environment. Our franchisees learn how to screen prospective employees to create the best possible team.
  • Repeat clients, word of mouth and client referrals are BumbleJunk’s largest source of business. We show our franchisees how to build their customer base to achieve the same outcome for their operations.
  • BumbleJunk has won multiple awards for service (Angie’s List, Best of Baltimore), and we aim to set a new standard in the junk removal industry for client satisfaction and professionalism. BumbleJunk franchise partners learn the secrets to our award-winning practices.

Management Tools

  • BumbleJunk’s powerhouse web-based software “Hiveware” allows you to track every aspect of your business from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
  • Our call center can book jobs for your franchise, or a client can check your availability and book online directly at BumbleJunk.com.
  • Inside Hiveware you will have access to our knowledge center that houses everything from marketing to operations and ongoing training.

Centralized Call Center

  • A team of well trained, pleasant and professional representatives answer each call or email inquiry.
  • Our representatives schedule estimates and handle client satisfaction call backs after jobs are completed.
  • Having an existing call center means our franchise partners can focus on networking, training and growing the business, without the expense of hiring additional staff in their local office.

Custom Built Trucks

  • There is no missing our bright blue trucks with the distinctive bee logo. They are an aesthetically pleasing alternative to typical dumpsters and also serve as “mobile billboards” to advertise your franchise with a highly visible 1-888 phone number and the BumbleJunk web address, www.bumblejunk.com.
  • In addition to being recognizable, our trucks are 20% larger than the competitors, so we are able to complete jobs more quickly and offer a more cost-effective solution for clients.
  • Each Bumble-truck is built for maximum efficiency to meet the exact needs of the junk removal industry. Being large and efficient means our trucks have lower fuel and dumping costs and improve the donation and recycling aspects of your business.

Multiple Revenue Streams

  • BumbleJunk franchisees learn how to market to and provide services for both residential and commercial clients, so business is always constant.
  • We also have a steadfast commitment to being eco-friendly and recycle as much as possible, which creates a third source of income.


Could You ‘Bee’ The Next BumbleJunk Franchisee?



A BumbleJunk franchise allows you to take control of your future with flexible hours, an interesting and variable schedule, easy-to-manage operations, a structured business plan, comprehensive and ongoing managerial support. Do you have what it takes?

  • A BumbleJunk franchisee is an ambitious, hardworking entrepreneur.
  • Candidates must have a desire to grow and manage a multi-truck operation while networking and building relationships in their community.
  • Previous experience in sales, marketing and/or operations with great people skills are a must.
  • The total estimated initial investment to start a BumbleJunk franchise is $102,100 to $153,350 with a minimum net worth of $175,000 and liquid capital of $75,000.


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